Lot 7: Al Salaw

Wadi Al Salaw is the location of our biggest drying centre in Haraz. It has a processing capacity of 400 tons per season of fresh coffee cherries (equivalent to 400kg per day). Located at more that 1870 meters above sea level, the area has fluctuating temperatures reaching around 20ºC and dropping to 2ºC during the harvesting season. Such fluctuations combined with the constant fog and rain have resulted in a relatively long drying period which in turn has helped the coffee develop a very high sugar content.

Lot Description

Reference Number:7
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
Weight:88 lbs
Drying Method:Natural

Coffee details


A juicy and structured coffee with complex acidity that remains through the temperatures. Red Berry flavours, Apple, Orange Citrus and Caramel work well together with some underlying Sweet Spice as the coffee cools.

Farm details

Region: Haraz
Town: Al Salaw
Farm Elevation: 1870

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