Lot Anis/04: Wadi Kuraba

Sheba Code: AN/50/03

Collective Lot

Wadi Kuraba has our biggest drying station outside of Sana’a. It has a capacity of 20 tons per season and we process around 500 kg of fresh coffee cherries daily. Located at 2150 MASL, with temperatures fluctuating between 24ºC and 7ºC, we have adapted our processing methods to dry the cherries to their best advantage, which produces this great coffee.

Lot Description

Reference Number:Anis/04
Opening Bid:$12.00/lb
Weight:90 lbs
Drying Method:Drying Days: 2-3 weeks

Coffee details


Stone fruits and raisins in the fragrance. Stone fruits, chamomile, lemongrass, and honey in the flavour. The coffee is very sweet and complex with a round velvety body. It has a complex acidity with malic, phosphoric, and tartaric predominant. The aftertaste is sweet and lingering with apricot and grapes notes. The coffee is sweet, uniform and clean and maintains its complexity even when cool.

Farm details

Region: Anis
Town: Kuraba
Farm Elevation: 2150 masl

Other info

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