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Hand-harvested with care from 3 different regions of Yemen’s Ancient Coffee Terraces

This year’s auction ‘The Hidden Gems of Yemen’ features coffee from three remote regions within the Yemeni mountains. Learn about the traditional processes they use and the elegant flavours that characterise their coffee below.


Haraz is located on the periphery of the Governorate of Sana’c c c . It is the most celebrated coffee producing region in Yemen. Haraz is ravishingly beautiful, and its inhabitants have a distinct culture.

Often referred to as ‘the land above the clouds’, being a region of high mountains and wild landscape.

Haraz is at the forefront of Yemeni coffee cultivation having maintained its ancient growing traditions while other regions have struggled. Today, Haraz is spearheading the revival of fine Yemeni coffee cultivation, setting the example which is now being pursued by its regional neighbours.


  • Raisins, Dried fruits, berry’s, Complex acidity, winey, and high in sweetness.

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Al-Hayma is a region located on the outskirts of the Governorate of Sana’a. This region is far from green and verdant, being arid with a harsh climate at a very high altitude. Coffee production in Al-Hayma is modest in scale. Some villages total harvest is of no more than 15 tons of coffee cherries, yielding only a precious 1.5 tons of coffee beans. Size is not everything. In the right hands, Al-Hayma coffee quality is supreme.

The harvest season in this remote mountainous region is always the last in Yemen as the cherries require significantly more time to reach optimal ripeness.

Al-Hayma coffees have a tell-tale signature: highly fruity, with floral top notes and a wonderful complexity and length in the mouth.


  • Blueberries, Strawberries, Mandarin Orange, Red Apple, and complex rose florals.

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Anis sits within the Governorate of Dhamar. The region has become an important new player in Yemeni coffee cultivation over recent years.

Being fertile land, Anis offers its best coffee farmers ample yields, particularly compared to the classic traditional sources in Yemen: remote, wild and ancient as they are.

Anis Coffee trees grow in the valleys, nestled between mountains, as well as on irrigated high mountain terraces. Anis is a rising star in the Yemeni coffee firmament, offering great potential and justifiably attracts increasing attention from the coffee world.


  • Toffee, Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Honey-Comb, Almonds, Fruity and has a pleasant acidity.

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