Lot 6: Wadi Hisn Mukhtar

Located 2100 meters above sea level and with temperatures fluctuating between 25ºC to 9ºC; a different profile has developed within this area. We have adapted our processing techniques to the warmer temperatures and longer sun exposure of 8 hours creating an outstanding and very differentiated profile.

Coffee and cupping details


Caramel, Maple Syrup and Berry Aromas follow through to further flavours of Cranberry, Hibiscus and Orange Citrus. This is a delicate high quality cup with a unique flavour profile. The coffee is clean with a low intensity, a juicy mouthfeel and medium persistence. Taste balance is high sweet, low bitter and low intensity, positive acidity.

Weight: 198 lbs
Score: 88.0
Varietal: Udaini

Farm details

District: Ibb
Village: Hisn Mukhtar
Farm Elevation: 2100
Drying Method: Natural


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