Lot Hayma/01: Mohammed Abdu Jameel Al-Jaberi

Sheba Code: HY/45/01

Single Farmer Lot

Mohammed is a retired military officer who started farming 3 years ago. He has a small 15 libna coffee terrace where he grows this fantastic coffee making a living for his son and spouse.

Lot Description

Reference Number:Hayma/01
Opening Bid:$12.00/lb
무게:59 lbs
Drying Method:Drying Days: 2-3 weeks

Coffee details


An effervescent, sparkling, and complex acidity provides a positive structure for this coffee. Flavours of raspberry, mandarin orange, and rose florals combine with underlying notes of caramel and dried fruit. Sweetness is high, balancing the acidity and the positive viscosity.

Farm details

Region: Al Hayma
Town: Al Mahjar
Farm Elevation: 2250 masl

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