Lot 2b: Mohsen Ali abdo Zaid

Mohsen retired as an airline host from Yemenia Airways in early 2000 and returned to his village to cultivate his land of 110 libna* inherited from his father. Today, while supporting a family of 7, he considers it the duty of each Yemeni farmer to care for every single red cherry in order to present to the world only the very best of Yemen's coffee.

*One Libna is a unit of measure for areas within Yemen. On average a Libna is 44m2.

Lot Description

Reference Number:2b
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
重量:126.5 lbs
Drying Method:Natural

Coffee details


Violets, Rhubarb, Dark Chocolate, Blueberries. This coffee has a big, smooth body with a lingering finish. The acidity is complex, sustaining the cup quality. A very well balanced cup

Farm details

Region: Anis
Town: Al Kuraba
Farm Elevation: 2150


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