Lot 4: Mohammed Yahya Rashed Al-Jaberi

Lot Description

Reference Number:4
Opening Bid:$12.00/lb
重量:103 lbs
Producer Cup Score:90.0
加工方式:Super Natural
Producer Cupping Notes:Dried apricots, mandarin orange, bergamot
Drying Method:25-30 days

Coffee details


Bergamot and peach in the fragrance. A structured, complex acidity adds a framework for dried apricots, mandarin oranges, blackberries and sweet spices. The after-taste is sweet, lingering with milk chocolate and baked pear notes. The coffee is well structured and complex and remains sweet, clean and uniform throughout.

Score description: https://qrcgcustomers.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/account6875504/32389584_2.pdf?0.2834093556221229 

Farm details

Town: AL Mahjar
Location: Al Hayma

Producer Story:

After the passing of their father, Mohammed Yahya Rashed Al-Jaberi and his brother Hamza each inherited a portion of their father’s coffee farm. Today, Mohammed, aged 33 and Hamza compete to grow coffee of high quality. After scoring 90 points and making it to Sheba’s 2022 auction, it’s safe to say Mohammed is this year’s champion.

Mohammed’s farm is located in the renowned village of Al-Mahjar, Al Hayma area, Sana’a governorate. As well as coffee, Mohammed grows a selection of other crops for both income and sustenance, including the likes of pumpkins, tomatoes and potatoes.


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