Lot 8a: Wadi Al Athar

Wadi Al Athar stands as one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Yemen. The wadi is located at an altitude of 2050 with temperature ranging between 26ºC to 8ºC. With its yearround rainfalls and an average sun exposure of around 8 hours a day; remarkable and unique coffee profiles have developed within this area.

Lot Description

Reference Number:8a
Opening Bid:$15.00/lb
重量:440 lbs
Drying Method:Natural

Coffee details


Bright Citrus-like when hot, then the acidity softens and becomes integrated and balanced as the coffee cools. Main flavours of Dried Apricot, Toffee and Citrus. The mouthfeel is positive and creamy in texture.

Farm details

Region: Anis
Town: Al Athar
Farm Elevation: 2050


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